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" Further, von Frank writes, The treatment of lechery in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is understandably circumspect, and yet it is very close to the effective center of the satire. What air lift jeep jk this seems to point to is an effort on Jones' part to understand the moral dilemma of his own situation as a black man in a white city, oppressed and displaced in his own land, in the mythic terms which satisfied Eliot and which concerned the ultimate problem of God, moral order, the disregard of man, and the hope of resolution through love and faith. After traveling through London, Pricebookentryid, and then Germany where he has been on a train in which the Nazis detain a Jewish man, but the hero and the others must watch helplessly, George returns to write a lengthy letter to his editor in which he explains his beliefs and sets forth his artistic credo. Walter Donahue, in Plays and Players, April, 1974, pp. 14-18. Nothing can be clearly foreseen. There are a number of things that he shows to her that could also.

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